The GDA/HSC Emergency Dental Service (EDS) - What is a dental emergency?

In the first instance you should always contact your usual dentist.

If you don’t have a usual dentist or for some reason you cannot get hold of them, you may contact the EDS. Visitors to our island may contact the EDS.

The following are classed as emergencies for both adults and children covered by the EDS:
• Post-operative bleeding that you cannot stop, e.g. after an extraction.
• Serious swelling of the mouth or face which is getting worse (due to acute
spreading infection).
• Trauma of the face, mouth or teeth after a recent accident or injury, e.g. a fall or
sporting injury to the teeth.

Toothache, no matter how bad, is not classed as a dental emergency under the EDS.

However, if you would like advice on pain relief you may contact your usual dentist.

EDS contact is via the Emergency Department (ED) at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital (PEH) or by calling 725241.

Always contact your
dentist first before
contacting the EDS.

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